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New Special Introductory Offer for Maid Service Business management software

As a residential housecleaning professional, is your one-stop professional housecleaning products and supplies source. Fast, effective, personally safe cleaning products and supplies at the most reasonable prices anywhere. Professional discounts, volume discounts and money-saving kits. Many products are Clean Team exclusives.

Here’s a partial list of the products available:

* including our famous Big Vac

Also available are specially priced money-saving kits for starting a residential cleaning business and for equipping and updating existing businesses.

Housecleaning industry pioneer Jeff Campbell also shares his secrets to housecleaning business success through his books, Speed Cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Clutter Control. His 90-minute Speed Cleaning DVD or video is perfect for training professional housecleaners. His book Complete Guide to Success in the Housecleaning Business will help you break into this fast-growing industry.

NEW! Residential housecleaning service software, “Housecleaning Business Manager™”, allows you to offer better customer service than any competitor—and to be able to manage all the details of your business nearly effortlessly. Special Introductory price of $379. This is by far the best value in software for the housecleaning industry! Will be $499.

Cleaning Aprons. All professions have indispensable tools. This cleaning tool is no different than a carpenter’s belt—and no respectable carpenter would be caught without theirs! With a cleaning apron, you can carry your cleaning supplies with you and make only one trip around the room (“Make Every Move Count”, Rule 1 from Speed Cleaning). When you make only one trip, the cleaning job is automatically done more quickly, the work is done more thoroughly, and you and your workers are less tired because it takes so much less energy when you never backtrack.

Custom logo cleaning aprons help you create a professional image for your cleaning service, plus everyone cleans faster and better.

Free! Solutions to cleaning problems. Call us directly from a client’s home.
Free! Nationwide customer referral service.
Fast! Orders placed by 2 PM (PT) shipped the same day.